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Delaware, USA
Want to visit Delaware, USA?

"The it's good being first state"

Delawares compact size and proximity to major cities of the U.S.s Mid-Atlantic region make it easy to access and explore.

Only in Delaware can you view the worlds most extensive collection of Early American furniture and decorative arts, listen to a Caruso recording on an early-model Victrola, learn to cook over an open fire, and visit the spot where the U.S.Constitution was first ratified, all in one day

Delawares natural beauty, one reason Thomas Jefferson dubbed it "the Diamond State", is its most prized possession. Waves roll up on the states 25 miles of sandy beach, inviting visitors to get their feet wet. Woodland trails, peaceful waterways, and vast nature preserves create the perfect setting for wildlife watching and enjoying the great outdoors.

The many museums and historical sites found throughout the state are a testament to its pivotal role in American history. Off-Broadway theatre, opera, dance, and award winning music can also be enjoyed here.

Tax-free shopping at one of the states retail outlet centres is another popular pastime. For those looking for something a bit different, shops specializing in antiques, chic apparel, and local artistry can be found throughout the state.

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