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Louisiana, USA
Want to visit Louisiana, USA?

"The sportsman's paradise state"

Louisiana consists of five regions, all of which boast fabulous cuisine, music, hundreds of year round festivals, exotic history, Tax Free Shopping and good ol' southern hospitality.

Sportsman's Paradise offers outdoor activities including the world famous Shreveport Rose Gardens and a 3,000 year old Native American site near the city of Monroe.

Crossroads has the beautiful town of Natchitoches, built in 1714. This was the original French colony in Louisiana and is home to the famous Christmas Light Festival featured in the film Steel Magnolias.

Cajun Country, where the French Colonists settled in the 1750's, is the centre of the Cajun culture. Lafayette boasts living museums showing all aspects of Cajun life during the 1700's - food, music, dance and culture.

Plantation Country lines the Mississippi with stunning and elegant plantation homes reflecting a genteel lifestyle. Home to the state capital, Baton Rouge, the state government sat in the old art deco State Capitol Building.

New Orleans built in the 1700's, known as the city that never sleeps and described as fascinating, mysterious, opulent & historical. New Orleans is packed with activities, fabulous music, food, museums, natural history, street cars, historic districts, theme parks, shopping, riverboats, Mardi Gras ... the list goes on

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