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Missouri, USA
Want to visit Missouri, USA?

"The show me state"

Missouri is at the heart of Real America, partly because of its location and the major gateway of St Louis, but mainly because it offers so much history, culture and warmth.

The city of St Louis is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and offers a unique blend of East and West. Its most famous symbol is the Gateway Arch, the tallest monument in the United States. The old Route 66 runs through part of the city. Two hours north, and you're in Mark Twain country - see his boyhood home and other literary sites.

St. Joseph on the Missouri River is forever associated with the famous Pony Express which started here in 1860. See where outlaw Jesse James hung out with his gang. The visit Kansas City, renowned for it's beautiful fountains, parks and jazz clubs.

Few destinations across the world have as much to offer the music lover as Missouri. Jazz became famous in Kansas City, which still has a thriving jazz culture. In St Louis, you can still visit the authentic blues club where Chuck Berry, Scott Joplin and Miles Davis all began their careers. Branson, in the South of Missouri is considered the place for "Real American Entertainment" with over 45 theatres playing host to over 100 shows a day.

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