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Nevada, USA
Want to visit Nevada, USA?

"The wide open state"

We say that Nevada is Wide Open for several reasons. As the 7th largest U.S. state according to land area. Nevada has only two major population centres. Las Vegas and in the South and Reno in the North. Between these two major cities are small, cozy Western-style communities that are easily accessible and worthy of exploration along highways and byways that are free of traffic or other obstruction.

Nevada is also Wide Open because of the many, endless ways visitors to the state may entertain themselves. Every Nevada community provides gaming - with the exception of Boulder City where the workers on the mighty Hoover Dam were once housed - 24-hour-a-day-seven-day-a-week entertainment, dining experiences of numerous cuisines. shopping and boundless outdoor recreation possiblies. Because of this, you get more value for your holiday if it is spent in Nevada.

Nevada is also the gateway to several National Parks. From Las Vegas, you can easily reach Grand Canyon or Death Valley National Park. From either Las Vegas or Reno, treat yourself to Nevada's true gem. Great Basin National Park in Northeastern Nevada.

Who hasn't longed to explore the Las Vegas Strip or to enjoy one of the many world-famous resort hotels found only in Las Vegas? Go ahead, enjoy the best that Nevada has to offer, but make a point to get out into the Wide Open, too. You can rest when you get home.

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

There's no place on earth like Las Vegas. The city thrives on superlatives biggest, brightest, longest, tallest so it's no surprise that the Entertainment Capital of the World is home to 18 of the 20 largest hotels in the USA.



Whether you want to climb the hills of the San Francisco Bay Area or explore the more urban delights of the "Cities by the Bay", you will never run out of things to see and do in this astonishing city.

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