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North Dakota

North Dakota, USA
Want to visit North Dakota, USA?

"The cornhusker state"

From the bustling cities and fertile farmlands of the east to the rolling hills of central North Dakota and on to the rugged badlands of the west, North Dakota is a land of rich culture and heritage with fun things to see and do. Legendary for more than its landmarks, North Dakota felt the footsteps of historic figures such as Lewis and Clark, Sakakawea, Teddy Roosevelt, Custer and Sitting Bull. Like these historic figures, you can immerse yourself in the state's wide-open spaces. Learn about the state's history with a trip to the North Dakota Heritage Center on the Capital Grounds or Knife River Indian Village National Historic Site, where Sakakawea lived. Enjoy shopping and nightlife in North Dakota's friendly cities.

North Dakota is known for is rich American Indian heritage and culture. 200 years ago the tribes greeted Lewis & Clark, and descendants of those tribes greet visitors to present-day North Dakota with the same hospitality. One of the nation's largest powwows is held in North Dakota each September. These tribes have museums that house ancient artifacts that are linked to ancient heritage. The tribes interpret their own history with their own words. Through their words, you can see the past and the present meet.

Immerse yourself in the state's natural beauty and legendary outdoor adventures, including hiking, biking and birding. North Dakota has the most national wildlife refuges of any state.

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