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Oahu, USA
Want to visit Oahu, USA?

Hang 10 and hit the waves. With more than 600 surf breaks on the island of Oahu, beginners and pros alike can find the perfect spot for their skills. Makaha Beach on the Waianae Coast is one of the best all-around surfing beaches, while the Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay on Oahu's North Shore feature formidable conditions that only the pros should tackle. If you're no expert, stick to the calmer beaches, or grab a patch of sand and watch some of the world's best surfers do their thing.

Weather on the island is best described in terms of just winter and summer and even the peak of these seasons have only moderate changes in temperatures. The summer season runs from May to October, while the somewhat cooler, wetter winter season extends from November through April.

The temperature of near-shore waters vary from their summertime highs of approximately 82F, to a low of about 76F during the coolest winter months. Oahu is famous for the winter waves that role in from storms in the north Pacific and impact its famous north shore beaches of Waimea Bay, The Banzai Pipeline and Sunset beach. The biggest waves, some of which can measure 25 - 30 feet high (from the backside), generally occur between November and March.

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